Featured Artisans

We are thrilled to highlight a few of our very talented artisans.

Lynne Murphy & Jennifer Moore

Peakquest Hiking Challenge Scratch Off Cards

We are two avid hikers from the Adirondacks who wanted to create a fun & unique way to track your hiking progress.

Gratification can be achieved by summiting a mountain and have the instant reward of checking it off your list.  We created a scratch off card to be your new hiking companion.  We hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as we do. 



Elizabeth Macy- Author With A Passion For Pets

A lost dog’s four day ordeal inspired Elizabeth to embark on an adventure of her own- writing a picture book.

Elizabeth, living in her hometown of Saratoga Springs, has written a “Lucky’s Adventure in Saratoga Springs” series followed by “Lucky’s Adventure in Winter Wonderland” ansd ” Lucky’s Adventure in the Great Outdoors”.  She is thoroughly enjoying writing heartwarming adventures for children to experience and treasure.




Crystal Sloane

Vintage Inspired Spun Cotton Figures & Ornaments

Crystal harnesses her amazing artistic talents to create fabulous spun cotton figures & ornaments for the holidays, special occasions & everyday delight.  Each piece is carefully handcrafted using the lost art of spun cotton, a technique that was used a century ago in Victorian Germany by cottage artisans.  Crystal works with a variety of materials to craft her original one-of-a-kind pieces.  Her passion is to scour antique fairs, flea markets & yard sales in search of finding vintage items to include in her historically inspired art.  She also incorporates natural fibers & found objects, making this process enjoyable & environmentally friendly too.

Crystal works with her husband Ben in their Schuylerville, NY studio.  Together they bring Crystal’s exquisitely charming & whimsical creations out into the world.  Their unique style is sure to offer a little something special for the holidays.

VintagesloaneCrystal in Studiovintagebycrystalbird ornament_edited-1



Cherie’s Decorative Painting

Painting for enjoyment soon turned into a business for Cherie.  Self-taught in glass painting, she has painted wine glasses with almost anything imaginable but her real passion is to paint flowers, ivies and leaves.  Coffee mugs, teas and beer steins are all fair game for her artistic talent.

Cherie’s glassware is washed, painted wth enamel paint, air=dried, baked in a oven and hand washed again.  Once baked the paint is very durable and permanent.

During her “Paint N’ Sip” parties, customers paint a glass piece they can proudly display.



Saratoga Growth Charts

The family owned & run business is located in Saratoga Springs. NY.  Monica & Nathan Howe started the business after Monica suggested a real wood growth chart that could be portable and permanently saved.  A new enterprise was born after family and friends were so impressed that the Howes were forced to create more.

Each mark on this custom made hand crafted piece holds cherished memories.




John and Linda Garrison 

Handmade Glass Hot Air Balloons

“Everyone seems to have a story about hot air balloons” says artisan, John Garrison. When asked about his craft, he replies “The process is quite extensive. First tubing glass is heated, manipulated and thickened. Then, using a set of four burners and a lathe, the glass is spun and blown into a ball. A glass rod at top of the balloon is twisted and the bottom is tapered. Then the balloon is placed in a annealing oven, where the temperature is slowly reduced to temper (or strengthen) the glass. Once the balloon is cool, my wife Linda individually hand paints each balloon using special proprietary paints. Then the balloons are placed in a kiln and heated to harden and bake the paint onto the glass. A handmade basket is attached to the bottom to complete the piece.”